Having Plumbing Issues? 3 Signs You Need to Call the Plumber Right Away

There may be a few home plumbing issues you can handle by yourself, but the vast majority will call for professional experience. Sometimes, it’s better to avoid DIY projects altogether, especially if they involve your plumbing system.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to tell whether or not you need to call a plumber. If your house is giving you any one of these telltale signs, then it’s time to call in the cavalry.


The Faucet Won’t Stop Dripping

It’s one thing to have a faucet that leaks if the water isn’t shut off all the way, but an entirely different situation when your faucet simply won’t stop leaking no matter what.

And if you think this is just a minor annoyance, think again.

Approximately 10% of homes have leaks that waste up to 90 gallons of water per day, and if you don’t call for kitchen sink repair right away, yours could be one of them. A leaking faucet may seem mildly annoying, but the reality is that without professional repairs, it could be costing you a whole lot more than realize.


Bathtub Won’t Drain

Indoor plumbing may date back to 2500 B.C.If you know it’s because of a hair clump, then you might be able to take care of it yourself. However, if your tub’s draining problems are persistent, then it’s usually best to call in the professionals. In all likelihood, human beings have been struggling with clogged drains since the invention of indoor plumbing, which dates all the way back to 2500 B.C. Fortunately, contemporary advances have allowed for much more convenient solutions to get your clogged drain up and running again in no time.

Remember: depending on where exactly the clog in your plumbing system is, you could soon see water flowing backwards into your home.


Poor Water Pressure Throughout Your Home

Poor or inconsistent water pressure throughout your home can be a sign of serious plumbing issues, and is certainly cause to call your plumber. This could be a sign of leaking pipes, mineral buildup, or any number of other issues. The best thing to do in this situation is to call a plumber so they can provide an accurate diagnosis and solution for the issue.


Need Professional Emergency Plumbing Service?

Whether you’re in need of a kitchen sink repair or having water heater problems, rest assured that a trained plumber can handle the job for you. The plumbing system in your home is composed of two separate sub-systems, and it’s a professional’s job to know the ins and outs of both.  Contact Delpo today to get your plumbing issues solved simply and affordably.