Gas Services

Gas lines are an important part of the functioning of many homes and office buildings. The inherent dangers associated with gas make it imperative that gas work, installation, refitting and all other aspects are done by a qualified licensed plumber.

Some of the greatest dangers around your home may be unseen – such as gas leaks.  Leaking gas can lead to asphyxiation (the inability to breathe leading to suffocation) and dangerous explosions.  Many homes have outdated piping for gas which could leak and cause accidents.

Luckily, commercial gasses, such as the kind of gas your stove or heater uses, have a strong odor added to them so you can smell leaks. If you smell a gas leak in your home, you need to act immediately! Call your local gas company right away and then call Delpo.

Avoiding these unseen dangers and alerting your family to danger can be as simple as purchasing a Delpo Service Plan membership.


Our Gas Line Services include:

  • Generator Gas Line
  • Oil to Gas conversionPropane gas grill
  • Gas fireplaces – indoor and outdoor
  • Gas Pool Heaters
  • Hook-up any gas appliances
  • Outdoor lines for barbeque grills
  • Bringing outdated pipe up to code
  • Replace leaking gas pipe
  • Gas leak detection
  • Whole house gas pressure test
  • Meter upgrades with your local service provider
  • Gas piping to water heaters, boiler, furnace, roof top units
  • Garage gas heaters

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