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With the average home heating system being a major part of the utility bill, ensuring your system is updated and maintained for optimal efficiency is critical.

boiler_with_storage_tankDid you know that most older heating systems operate at as little as 50% efficiency? With heating being a major part of your utility bill, this can add up to a lot of money that you may be unnecessarily spending.
Proper maintenance or upgrading can save a lot of money in both the short and long term. For example, a new heating system installed by Delpo will provide as much as a 80-90% efficiency rating, which can often pay for itself in just 2 years from the money saved on gas. Additionally, there are often rebates offered for upgrading your equipment, which can provide even further savings.

Delpo provides all manner of heating system installation, service and maintenance:



Furnaces heat air and distribute this air throughout the house to keep it warm. Once the furnace heats the air, a blower chases the hot air to a duct system. Then, the warm air is distributed everywhere in your house through vents or registers that are there on your walls, ceilings, or floors. When it comes to maintaining a furnace system, you need to clean or change air filter frequently to ensure your furnace runs efficiently.



Boilers heat up water and then use this heated water or steam to heat the house. To distribute steam throughout the house, pipes are used that carry steam to steam radiators or baseboard. Hot water can keep the house warm through radiant floor heating systems. One advantage that a boiler system provides to users is the ability to heat rooms differently with the help of thermostats that can be set depending upon requirements. This means that you can adjust the heat in rooms by heating zones as your needs for those areas.



Boiler systems typically only have to be serviced about once a year. For furnaces, it is recommended that air filters are changed at least twice a year. Our service professionals can take care of all maintenance on your heating system. A Delpo Service Contract ensures you are on a regular schedule and your system is checked to run at optimal efficiency.


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