Split & Ductless Air Conditioning

Split and ductless air conditioning systems provide alternative cooling options for smaller areas or other situations where traditional duct work is not practical or possible.

split-air-conditionerSplit Air Conditioner

A split A/C, or a ductless air-conditioner system brings perfect comfort to a room without the need of a bulky standard room unit or bulky and expensive duct work. A split A/C can also be designed to cool several rooms, mimicking the sophisticated zone control of modern, space consuming central air conditioning. And you don’t have to tear up your walls and ceilings to install it. Space is often at a premium and limited real-estate results frequently in designs of buildings where duct work cannot / or was not allowed to occupy valuable working or living space.


Ductless Air Conditioner

A ductless, split air conditioner system or mini splits have numerous potential applications in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. The most common applications are in multifamily housing or as retrofit add-ons to houses with “non-ducted” cooling or heating systems. Split air conditioners can also be a good choice for room additions and small apartments, where extending or installing distribution ductwork for a central air-conditioner or heating systems is not feasible.


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