Whole house dehumidifiers are an effective solution for total home excess moisture control, helping you maintain a healthy humidity level throughout all the rooms in your home.

Whole house dehumidifiers are a low-maintenance way to keep your entire home dry, healthy, and comfortable. Although high humidity is most often a problem in basements and crawl spaces, excess moisture can rise up and infiltrate your entire home. Too much humidity produces dampness, stickiness, odors and a less comfortable indoor air. As a result, you might feel hot and sticky indoors, have pest problems, see mold and mildew growth, and possibly develop allergy symptoms.


How whole house dehumidifiers work

Whole house dehumidifiers are installed in your home’s central heating and cooling system, and work to eliminate excess water in all rooms by dehumidifying the air as it flows back and forth through your air ducts.. Many dehumidifiers have integrated ventilation controls to introduce outside fresh air into the home, and are packaged with advanced humidity and ventilation controllers.


When to consider a whole house dehumidifier

It’s a good time to consider a Whole House Dehumidifier if you are experiencing these problems in your home:

  • You see mold and mildew growth in your home or furnishings
  • Musty odors or smells are felt in any area of your home
  • You notice persistent condensed water on your water pipes
  • You have trouble sleeping at night due to humidity in the air and on your skin
  • Floors or other surfaces in your home or commercial space are feeling humid
  • Wet stains appear on walls or ceilings
  • You are trying to minimize household allergens, such as mold, bacteria, and dust mites
  • You or a family member have allergies, asthma, emphysema or other lung condition

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